St Cuthbert

Saint Cuthbert was an Anglo-Saxon monk, hermit and bishop who lived a life of intense poverty and physical hardship, travelling to wild areas and preaching hope to the community. He was trained in the Celtic tradition but supported Roman Christianity and was a tactful politician. He spent several years living an austere life on Farne, an island off the coast of Northumberland in North East England before returning to an active role in the church. In 685 he was made Bishop of Lindisfarne.

Following his death in 687 Cuthbert was buried on Lindisfarne and his tomb quickly became celebrated for remarkable miracles and became a site of pilgrimage. Fearing the threat of Danish invasion in 875 the monks on Lindisfarne fled, taking with them Cuthbert's body and the Lindisfarne Gospels, the book that was written in his honour.

The monks travelled all over the North East of England and into Cumbria and Yorkshire before settling at Dun Holm, the high wooded hill that is now the site of Britain's best loved building, Durham Cathedral.

The Lindisfarne Gospels

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